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Art.com provides a wide range of reports that enable you to:
  • Track your website performance
  • Understand which products are generating revenue
  • Analyze which linking methods are most effective
  • Keep track of your earnings and payments
How our tracking system works:
Every time a visitor comes to Art.com through your website, we use your unique affiliate ID to track the following:
  • Unique and total visits to Art.com
  • Linking methods used by your visitors (e.g. search box, virtual store, etc)
  • Destinations visited at Art.com (category gallery, home page, etc)
  • Products purchased and corresponding commission earned

You earn commission on purchases made by returning visitors for up to 10 days after their initial visit.  We track this using cookies.
Here are examples of some of the reports we provide:
  • Sales and Traffic Report
  •   This report enables you to track traffic, sales and commission statistics for your website.  Using this report, you can drill down for details by day, product or link-type.  view sample
  • Link Performance Report
  •   This report helps you track which of your links are performing most effectively.  You can compare conversion and performance by link-type and also analyze the performance of each individual link.  view sample
  • Product Detail Report
  •   This report displays information about all your individual sales, broken down by date of purchase. Using this report, you can analyze which products and categories generated revenues for you and modify your website content accordingly.  view sample

    Sales & Traffic Report
    Link Performance Report
    Product Detail Report
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